About me

Lead with an impactful statement.

Currently, am serving national service as a Signals Officer. Previously, a Starbucks Reserve Barista. Always a hobbyist developer and data geek.

Skill Set


Analytics: ML, SQL, NoSQL, Data Pipeline, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis.

Data Visualisation: Tableau, Power BI.


Webscraping: Selenium, Excel, BeautifulSoup.

RPA: UiPath.

Bots: Telegram, Webscraping, Chatbot.

Data/Cloud Infrastructure

GCP: AutoML, Firebase, DialogFlow, Actions on Google, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions Cloud Build, Dataflow...

Azure: AutoML, Blobs, Storage, Common Data Modelling (CDM).


Work experience

[10/20] - [Present]

Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

Wide Area Comms Signals Officer

[02/20] - [10/20]

Starbucks Coffee Reserve

Barista, Coffee Master

[09/19] - [02/20]

Wealth Dynamix

Full-Stack Developer

[04/19] - [11/19]

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Chatbot Developer


[2023] - [2025]

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

[2017] - [2020]

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Diploma in Financial Informatics,
Specialising in Financial Analytics



Data Engineering with GCP

Google, Coursera


Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

Stanford University, Coursera